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Green and environmentally friendly energy-saving boiler

Gas-fired steam boilers are widely used due to their wide application range and green energy-saving effects. Now, as long as it is possible to use steam, the locals will basically choose to use gas steam boilers. In the use of gas steam boilers, we have to pay attention to the local area. Here are three […]

Installation of hot water boiler pump unit

Water quality standards for hot water boilers and installation requirements and installation plans for pump installations   Steam boilers are the main boilers for commercial and residential water use. However, from the point of view of boiler explosion accidents and boiler corrosion in recent years, many steam hot water boiler workers are not familiar with or […]

Feed water temperature of oil-fired boiler

Oil boiler rated pressure and feed water temperature knowledge   Product rated pressure:   The rated pressure refers to the steam pressure generated by the oil boiler. The steam temperatures produced at different pressures are different. The steam temperature of 1.0 Mpa is 184 ° C, while the steam temperature of 1.2 Mpa is 193 ° C. […]

Precautions for using a steam boiler

Gas operation and preventive measures for gas boilers   (1) Reduce the boiler load, thicken the coal seam according to the length of the downtime, the thickness generally does not exceed 200 mm, and the grate speed is appropriately accelerated.   (2) Thicken the coal seam to a distance of about 1 mm from the slag plug, […]

Fluidization quality of biomass boiler bed

Bed pressure is one of the important parameters for biomass boiler monitoring, and it is an important indicator for monitoring bed fluidization quality and material layer thickness.   First, when the bed pressure is low, slagging and bed addition can be stopped.   Second, when the bed pressure is high, the air rate can be increased to […]

Boiler automatically adjusts temperature

The oil boiler automatically adjusts the temperature during operation to ensure its safe operation and avoid accidents caused by excessive temperature. But which systems in the oil boiler can play this important role? If you are not sure, you can check out the following.   High temperature protection of oil-fired boiler: When the dry-burning maintenance device […]

Precautions when using steam boiler

Steam boilers have high efficiency and strong firepower. They are common production equipments. However, they themselves have certain risks. If they are used improperly, they will cause unnecessary trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with the instructions for using the steam boiler. Then, the editors will summarize the usage specifications based on years […]

High quality natural gas boiler

Explain the main functions and advantages of natural gas boilers    First of all, we should know that the primary role of natural gas boilers is to supply them with heat. Therefore, when purchasing natural gas boilers, you should want to see the raw materials of the outer packaging.    When selecting the time, try to select […]

Spiral finned tube energy saver

Nowadays, many manufacturers of boiler economizers use spiral finned tubes. What good use is it? Let’s take a look at them today.   The primary economizer features a compact structure with a heated surface that reduces the resistance to ventilation and reduces metal consumption.   However, the spiral finned tube is formed by welding with […]

New heat transfer oil boiler

As the weather gets colder, the heating problem is put on the agenda. People are over-reliant on coal-fired boilers, which has caused a large range of haze weather in northern China. The haze weather frequently appears, which may make the north The PM2.5 value is repeatedly exploded. The use of industrial boilers and civil boilers […]