Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler


Product thermal capacity: 1400-29000 KW


Working pressure: 0.8-1.0 MPA


Available fuel: Bituminous coal, anthracite, biomass particles


Available industries: Chemical,high temperature heating technology for fertilizer, melamine, alumina and so on


Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Introduction

Thermal oil boiler (organic heat carrier boiler for short) is a heating equipment used in industrial production. Biomass as fuel and flue gas as heat source, heat conduction oil as heat carrier. The liquid phase circulation of the heat carrier is forced through the circulating oil pump, and the heat is transferred to the heating equipment, which is then returned to the high temperature, low pressure and energy saving equipment reheated in the heating furnace. The heating temperature can be up to 340℃, and generally under the working pressure of 1.0mpa, because the working in the liquid phase state, safe and reliable.

The heating surface of the heat conduction oil furnace is reasonably arranged, the heat conduction oil has long service life, high temperature and low pressure, which can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure. Liquid phase heat transfer, at less than 300℃ heat conduction oil is 70 ~ 80 times lower than saturated steam pressure of water, heat equipment pressure conditions can be greatly reduced, reduce equipment costs.

The thermal oil furnace has reasonable structure, advanced technology, less floor space, small shape, beautiful appearance, simple management and high thermal efficiency. It has remarkable energy saving effect and economic benefit, and has unique structure compared with similar products. Accurate and reliable temperature regulation, complete operation control and safety monitoring device, high degree of automation. Labor intensity of workers is low, and energy saving and consumption reduction, compared with steam heating can be 1 to 1.5 times of energy saving, saving operating cost is obvious. It can be widely used in many industrial heating processes. Replace electricity, steam and other heating, improve production efficiency.


Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Advantage

1. Adaptable to different fuels

The combustion equipment is designed separately from the upper furnace body, and the furnace structure can be designed separately according to the different properties of solid fuel.

2. Diversity of grate structure

The structure of the grate has fixed and automatic chain grate two forms, according to the nature of fuel can be used manual or mechanical feeding.

3. Square coil combustion chamber

The boiler combustion chamber is composed of fireproof chamber and square coil tube, with sufficient fuel combustion space, complete combustion and high thermal efficiency.

4. Best coil design

The radiating section is made of square plate, while the convection section is made of serpentine tube. The tube has good thermal expansion performance, low stress, safety and reliability.

5. Best process design

The flue gas has three return trips, the medium flows through convection and radiation coil, the flow rate is uniform, the operation is safe and stable.

6. Put in enough effort

The heating surface layout is reasonable, large area, good heat transfer effect, high efficiency, stable output, sufficient.

7. Complete automatic control measures

Accurate oil temperature control, medium temperature, pressure and ultra-smoky temperature set multiple control protection, ensure safe and reliable operation.

8. Advanced level of automatic control

The boiler controller adopts high quality electrical components with reliable performance. The controller has three forms: ordinary type, English menu type with liquid crystal display, and touch screen type with man-machine conversation remote control.


Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Parameters 

Model Rated thermal power  (KW) Rated thermal power  (x104kcal/h) Design working temperature(≤℃) Rated working pressure(MPa) Thermal efficiency(≥%) System installation power(KW) Maximum transport size(m)
YLW-1400M/AⅡ 1400 120 320 0.8 80 55 5.0×2.3×2.5
YLW-1800M/AⅡ 1800 160 320 0.8 80 63 5.6×2.3×2.8
YLW-2400M/AⅡ 2400 200 320 0.8 80 76 6.5×2.5×2.8
YLW-2800M/AⅡ 2800 240 300 0.8 80 85 6.5×2.6×3.2
YLW-3500M/AⅡ 3500 300 320 0.8 80 105 7.5×2.6×3.2
YLW-4200M/AⅡ 4200 360 320 0.8 80 125 7.4×2.9×3.3
YLW-4600M/AⅡ 6000 500 320 0.8 80 155 8.4×3.4×3.3
YLW-6000M/AⅡ 7000 600 320 1 80 170 9.0×3.4×3.4
YLW-7000M/AⅡ 8200 700 320 1 80 193 9.8×3.3×4.1
YLW-8200M/AⅡ 4600 400 320 1 80 150 8.0×2.9×3.4
YLW-9400M/AⅡ 9400 800 320 1 80 160 9.8×3.5×4.1
YLW-10500M/AⅡ 10500 900 320 1 80 160 10.5×3.5×4.1
YLW-12000M/AⅡ 12000 1000 320 1 80 260 11.2×3.6×4.1
YLW-14000M/AⅡ 14000 1200 320 1 80 320 10.5×4.0×3.5
YLW-16500M/AⅡ 16500 1400 320 1 80 380 11.5×4.3×3.5
YLW-18000M/AⅡ 18000 1600 320 1 80 450 11.5×4.5×3.5
YLW-21000M/AⅡ 21000 1800 320 1 81 520 11.5×4.5×3.9
YLW-23300M/AⅡ 23300 2000 320 1 81 600 11.5×3.0×4.0
YLW-26000M/AⅡ 26000 2200 320 1 81 700 11.5×3.0×4.0
YLW-29200M/AⅡ 29200 2500 320 1 81 825 12.0×3.3×4.2


Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Application

  • Chemical industry: grease chemical industry, polymerization industry, reaction tank, distillation and concentration.
  • Plastic industry: Plastic blasting and extrusion shaping.
  • Textile industry: resin molding machine, dyeing machine, drying room, high temperature machine, drum machine.
  • Rubber industry: Vulcanization heating of rubber.
  • Food industry: cooking, drying and vegetable oil refining.
  • Forest product industry: Heating and shaping of plywood, Paulie board and fiberboard.
  • Paper industry: multi-layer cardboard, drying and drying of packaging cartons.
  • Others: heating of metal plating bath, coating condensation, drying, pharmaceutical industry distillation, reduction, concentration, dehydration, etc.