Biomass Hot Water Boiler Advantages

1. Biomass hot water boiler can automatically adjust the material, easy to operate, after burning smoke-free, less ash, usually only about 2%. The boiler thermal efficiency is high commonly in 85% (coal in 70-75%), the actual burning effect than fuel, gas saving money, after burning, coking, boiler use fixed number of year long, simple processing ash (returning can directly do fertilizer) clean.Biomass hot water boiler is a kind of biomass boiler.

2. Rational industry boiler structure and special combustion mode enable the automatic biomass boiler to solve deflagation and coking from the source.

Biomass hot water boiler performance advantages
3. The biomass boiler is installed with a microcomputer control system. The biomass hot water boiler has the functions of temperature setting, circulation control and fault alarm.

4. The biomass hot water boiler advantages outstanding, feeding adopts advanced screw rotation drive automatic feeding device, only one time to fill the storage silos, do not need to frequently refueling;The ignition system adopts the automatic ignition of the burner, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the stoker and makes the boiler more user-friendly.

5. Biomass hot water boiler is atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, is running under atmospheric pressure, do not need to be certified, do not need professional stoker operation, the boiler adopts the overall heat preservation to reduce heat loss, more improve the boiler thermal efficiency.

6. In line with the national environmental protection policy, and the fuel sulfur content and nitrogen content are very low, has a great benefit to the environment.Its operating cost is one third that of electric boiler, and one half that of oil-fired boiler and gas-fired boiler, saving 20% compared with coal-fired boiler.

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