We are one of the leading thermic fluid heater manufacturers in China. Our products are known for their performance, durability, reliability, and rust-prevention and low & easy maintenance. All of the equipments are made of best quality raw material and have gone through intense quality check that can withstand high temperature, guarantee superior performance and at most competitive price.

We also provide custom-made and quality thermic fluid heaters to our customers under the supervision of talented team of professionals in compliance with the market standard.

What is thermic fluid heater?
The thermic fluid heater is industrial heating equipment. This equipment is used where only heat transfers are preferred in place of pressure.
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Working of thermic fluid heater
In this system, the thermic fluid is spread in the entire system for the transfer of the heat to the required processes.

During combustion, the thermic fluid heats up and the fluid carry and reject this heat to the desired fluid at the end of the processes. After the rejection, this fluid comes back to the thermic fluid heater and this cycle is repeated.

Boiler Vs Thermic Fluid Heater
You use boilers for heating water and producing steam. Thermic fluid heaters are used only to heat the water. It may or may not produce steam. The thermic fluid passes through the tubes instead of flue gases.

Features of our thermic fluid heater
Being one of the topmost manufacturers of thermic fluid heater in Chennai, we have the vast experience in producing superior quality products which have the ability to operate at all varied temperatures. As our equipments have been manufactured with latest technologies and first-rate raw materials by highly-trained and qualified professionals, they’re highly recommended to operate in any condition, even in most adverse conditions.