The oil boiler automatically adjusts the temperature during operation to ensure its safe operation and avoid accidents caused by excessive temperature. But which systems in the oil boiler can play this important role? If you are not sure, you can check out the following.

  High temperature protection of oil-fired boiler: When the dry-burning maintenance device detects that the temperature is higher than 95 °C, it immediately blocks the heating tube power supply; Leakage maintenance: When the leakage current is detected to be greater than 15 mA, the power supply is immediately blocked to avoid electric shock. error occured. Code and warning notifications, after the problem, the controller can run normally from the beginning.

  Anti-freeze function of oil-fired boiler: When the controller is powered on, when the anti-freeze function is detected, when the temperature is lower than 3 °C, the heater starts to heat; when the temperature is detected to rise to 8 °C, the heater stops heating; The parameters of various settings have a memory function, and it is no longer necessary to set parameters from the beginning. At this point, after the steam boiler is installed, it can still be operated after the power is turned off. There is no need to check the time again after powering up.

  Oil boiler thermostat control: If the operating temperature is not set after power-on, the system will run at the default parameter of 50 °C; if the operating temperature is set, it will operate according to the setting. After power-on, the controller detects that the heating temperature is 8 °C lower than the set temperature.

  According to the set gear position, the heating pipe is turned on, and when the blocking temperature at which the heating temperature is equal to the set temperature is detected, the heating is stopped. The temperature gradually drops below 8 ° C, the heating tube is turned on again, and the cycle reaches a constant temperature.