With the further development of the market economy, the sales and after-sales services of today’s products are inseparable. When a boiler is sold by sales personnel in the early stage, the user’s demand for after-sales service such as boiler installation and maintenance will follow. The advantages and disadvantages of after-sales service, as well as product performance and price, have also become an important factor affecting product sales and reputation.
Boiler installation and maintenance
This time,Boiler installation and maintenance the return visit of ZOZEN Boiler 2019 “Quality Miles” Sichuan Chongqing Station is to enhance the service experience of enterprise users, which is also one of the important contents of ZOZEN Boiler brand construction. After the end of the return visits to many enterprises in Meishan and Chengdu in Sichuan, the ZOZEN service team moved to Deyang, Mianyang, Pengzhou, Suining and other cities to provide comprehensive inspections for boilers operating in the first line of production, which is also the entire enterprise of ZOZEN Boiler. A comprehensive medical examination of its own.
In the boiler room of Deyang, Sichuan, China Second Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd., two SZS series gas steam boilers are operating stably Boiler installation and maintenance. Accompanied by the two related personnel in China, ZOZEN boiler service personnel entered the boiler room site and used professional flue gas analyzer to detect the oxygen content of the flue gas, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, flue gas temperature and other related parameters. The data indicates that the boiler is operating normally. The fuel is fully burned and fully meets the emission standards of the local environmental protection department. The person in charge of the boiler room also said that the boiler has been running stably since the end of commissioning.
ZOZEN boiler service personnel emphasized the importance of regular maintenance of the boiler when communicating with the counterparts, reminding the user to make timely maintenance and repair according to the requirements of the boiler manual.