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Basic knowledge of water for gas steam boilers

Doing a good job of water quality is one of the important links to ensure the safe and economic operation of boilers. Because the combustion temperature of oil and gas is high. Most of the fuel and gas boilers (especially imported fuel gas boilers) are small in size and compact in structure, and have high […]

Characteristics of organic heat carrier boiler

The heat transfer oil has the properties of resistance to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation, good heat transfer efficiency, fast heat dissipation and good thermal stability. As a heat transfer medium for industrial oils, heat transfer oil has the following characteristics: Under almost normal pressure conditions, high operating temperatures can be obtained. That is, the […]

Organic heat carrier heating boiler for printing and dyeing industry

The printing and dyeing line transforms steam into organic heat carrier to save energy and greatly reduce production cost. The organic heat carrier furnace has many high-temperature, indirect heating, safe and reliable heating characteristics, which can meet many industrial production requirements. Recently, such as Shaoxing Yongfeng, Xiangshan Zhejiang Giant Eagle Group and Ningbo Juying Katie […]

Gas hot water boiler supply hot water unit

A gas-fired hot water boiler is a device for heating or supplying hot water in winter.The boiler will run for a long time.Scaling and rust are inevitable in the process of use.The main cause of scale formation in gas boilers is that water has a hard component and is continuously evaporated and concentrated through high […]

Boiler hot water pipe is too long

Hot water pipes for natural gas boilers should not be too long Hot water pipes for natural gas boilers should not be too long.The natural gas boiler should be installed near the heat source and easy to install.The hot water pipe should not be too long.It should have good insulation.The pipe should be inclined from […]

Hot water boiler internal inspection and use preparation

Hot water boiler internal inspection and use preparation, furnace and flue inspection, boiler attachment inspection, automatic control system inspection, inspection of auxiliary equipment, inspection of combustion equipment, inspection of auxiliary heating surface, hot water boiler must be operated before operation To do some inspections, these inspections are not to be underestimated, and may have very […]

Biomass boiler for cooling

The purpose of the air preheater at the end of the biomass boiler is to restore the heat of the flue gas. The temperature is reduced when the gas is sent to the chimney, which simplifies the design of the pipe. It also controls the temperature of the gas. Generally the position of the air […]

Reasons for black smoke in biomass boilers

Biomass pellets, bituminous coal, and wood fuels, unlike untreated anthracite, have a high fixed carbon content and low volatile yields. Good quality biomass particles have the same thing as anthracite, that is, they are both high in density and high in hardness, but on volatiles and fixed carbon, biomass wood chips are pressed with wood, […]

Organic heat carrier boiler seal oil leakage

Sealing oil leakage reasons: 1. The seal is damaged and oil leakage occurs. 2. There are problems in the design, processing, installation, use, and storage and transportation, resulting in oil leakage. 3, a variety of leaks caused by poor sealing. 4. Oil leakage caused by poor quality of parts processing. 5. Oil leakage occurs due […]

The overall structure and function of the biomass boiler

The overall structure and function of the biomass boiler  The overall structure of a biomass boiler consists of two parts: a boiler, an auxiliary equipment and a safety dosing unit. The main components of the boiler, such as furnaces, drums, burners, water walls, superheaters, economizers, air preheaters, frames and furnace walls, form the core part […]