Since the opening of the heat transfer oil boiler is more complicated than the closing, it is generally recommended not to close as much as possible without shutting down. Therefore, it is recommended to use the second method described above for cleaning the heat transfer oil. In addition, when turning on the heat transfer oil boiler, always pay attention to the temperature control, and each operation has a sequence, but it is also relatively fixed. After mastering it, there is no problem at all. Check the place where there is no oil leakage in various places. Do not grasp it directly when inspecting it. Gently touch it because the heat dissipation of the gas heat transfer oil boiler is very slow. It takes a whole day for the heat to be completely Disperse, so to avoid scalding, everyone should have a certain sense of self-protection.

 The cooling operation step of the gas heat transfer oil boiler should first stop the heating, then reduce the temperature of the gas heat transfer oil boiler to prevent its flow, and then turn off the power after the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Opening the equipment room in the machine shop is the standard for checking the operator’s eligibility. If the operator can skillfully open and close the machine, it means that he has the quality of a qualified operator. If these two tasks cannot be completed, There are also many places that need to be strengthened.