A gas-fired hot water boiler is a device for heating or supplying hot water in winter.The boiler will run for a long time.Scaling and rust are inevitable in the process of use.The main cause of scale formation in gas boilers is that water has a hard component and is continuously evaporated and concentrated through high temperature and high pressure.
Gas hot water boiler supply hot water unit
What is the cause of scale in gas-fired hot water boilers?During operation, a series of chemical and physical reactions are produced in the furnace during operation, and a hard and dense oxide skin is effectively formed on the heating surface during operation, which directly leads to the decrease of heat exchange efficiency.Due to corrosion factors under scale, the boiler’s water-cooled fireplace will absorb less heat.The furnace outlet temperature of the gas boiler increases, which will increase the loss of the boiler.Scale on the water-cooled wall of the equipment can effectively reduce the heat transfer effect and may cause water cooling.The thermal conductivity of water – cooled wall gas boiler is only a few tenths of that of steel.When a surface is stained by a heated surface, the heat transfer effect is hindered.In order to maintain the appropriate boiler output during the process, the temperature on the fire side must be raised.The gas boiler can be cleaned with an effective, environmentally friendly non-corrosive cleaner during the cleaning process to expose the metal primary color of the equipment tube and reduce the influence of dirt and biological algae sludge.

In addition, the gas hot water boiler should pay attention to some other problems.For example, after ignition, it is necessary to observe the temperature of the furnace and the temperature of the main steam, and the pressure of the main steam increases, and the boiler is ignited.Check the current oil gun fire immediately after smoke temperature rises slowly or does not rise.