Gas heat conduction oil furnace technical performance and use The equipment has low pressure (≤0.4MPa) stable operation, computer automatic control, thermal efficiency up to 90%, vertical gas (oil) heat transfer oil furnace is widely used in petrochemical, oil and fat data, Building materials industry, textile printing and dyeing, food, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals and other occupations, is a new type of ambition heating equipment.
Main features of the operation of the heat transfer oil furnace
The gas-heating oil-fired boiler body has a compact heating surface, the heating surface is composed of inner and outer densely arranged disks, the inner coil is a radiation heating surface, and the outer coil and the outer coil form a convection heating surface. The boiler consists of an upper body and a lower incineration chamber, and the site is combined on site. After the incineration is fully incinerated in the incineration chamber, after the radiation is heated to absorb most of the heat, the high-temperature flue gas enters the convective heating surface to exchange heat, and after exiting the boiler, the air required for the boiler to be incinerated is heated in the air preheater, and then passed through the precipitator. The flue gas is sent to the chimney by the induced draft fan and discharged into the atmosphere.