Sealing oil leakage reasons:

1. The seal is damaged and oil leakage occurs.

2. There are problems in the design, processing, installation, use, and storage and transportation, resulting in oil leakage.

3, a variety of leaks caused by poor sealing.

4. Oil leakage caused by poor quality of parts processing.

5. Oil leakage occurs due to improper use and poor environmental conditions.

 Organic heat carrier boiler seal oil leakage

Sealing ring oil leakage prevention method:

1. The gland is not installed accurately, and the oil drain holes on the front cover and the rear cover are blocked.

2. The outer diameter of the sealing ring is too loose at the aperture of the sealing seat.

3. The body direction is reversed, so that the pressure port is connected to the unloading groove, and the pressure is applied to punch out the sealing ring.

4, the oil quality is not clean, the oil is not smooth.

5. If there is a leak, first check whether the heat exchanger oil heater seal is selected and installed accurately, and then check whether the working condition is stable.