In 2019,Printing and dyeing factory boiler maintenance inspection after the Zhonghua Boiler “Quality Miles” service team ended its return visit to Sichuan Station, it came to Jiangcheng Chongqing without stopping. Here, the ZOZEN service team goes deep into the production line of major enterprises, communicates face-to-face with customers, and quickly carries out inspection and maintenance work of boilers to effectively solve practical problems that arise during boiler operation.
Printing and dyeing factory boiler maintenance inspection
In the return visit of “Quality Miles” Chongqing Station, Sanyi Food, 3,533 Printing and Dyeing Factory,Printing and dyeing factory boiler maintenance inspection Jiuweiwei Food and other enterprises all welcomed the arrival of ZOZEN Boiler Returning Team. Chongqing 353 Printing and Dyeing Garment Factory Co., Ltd. is a large-scale textile printing and dyeing enterprise. In response to the national “coal to gas” environmental protection policy, it has introduced one ZOZEN SZS series and one WNS series gas steam boiler. After the “Quality Miles” service team arrived at the boiler room, it quickly started work and carefully inspected the boiler using equipment such as a flue gas analyzer. During the communication with the customer, the service personnel learned that the burner occasionally had abnormal noise when the fire was converted. In response to this situation, the service personnel conducted detailed inquiries and records, and proposed specific solutions to avoid deterioration of operating conditions to ensure that ZOZEN boiler can continue to create good economic benefits for users.
The person in charge of the 3,5, 3, 3, printing and dyeing plant was more recognized for the performance of the ZOZEN boiler. The customer said that the stability of ZOZEN boiler equipment far exceeded its imagination, and said on the spot that it would cooperate with ZOZEN boiler for a long time. On the service feedback form, the customer also provided valuable advice for the future work of ZOZEN Boiler.