Once the squib will directly lead to leakage of the heat transfer oil, it will cause the heat transfer oil furnace to blast. In order to guard against the onset of this situation, we need to pay attention to the time of the device. We must select the device company that has experience. The welding time should be carefully and carefully. We can not use the screw to connect the interface. The flange connection should be properly used. data of.
  Thermal oil furnace burst
    Combined with many years of project experience, the reason why the heat-conducting oil furnace is bursting is: When the quality of the heat-conducting oil in the heat-conducting oil boiler is not pure, the amount of carbon is generally beyond the specification, or there are impurities such as moisture inside, when we conduct heat When the temperature in the oil boiler is too high, the phenomenon of fuel injection or ignition may occur. Perhaps the moisture in the boiler is vaporized due to excessive temperature, resulting in too much pressure in the heat transfer oil boiler and overpressure blasting.
    Therefore, our staff must punctually sample and analyze the heat transfer oil we use, timely grasp the quality of the oil, analyze the quality and the cause of the sudden change, and prepare for the cause, and punctuality to the heat transfer oil furnace The amount of heat transfer oil is compensated.
    Of course, the heat transfer oil that we add to the heat transfer oil boiler needs to be qualified and dehydrated. If there is any problem with the quality found in this process, we should promptly adopt the corresponding countermeasures to deal with it.