Under the swiftness of Industry 4.0 and “Made in China 2025”, China’s manufacturing industry has stood at the fork in the road that has been eliminated or upgraded. Zhongzheng Boiler is a professional boiler manufacturer with more than 30 years of history. The chairman and management team are far-sighted and independent. R & D, joint development, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing simultaneously, while continuously achieving their own high-quality development, leading the traditional manufacturing industry to continue to transform and upgrade to the direction of intelligence and green development.
Zhongzheng Boiler Strategy Prospects Build Intelligent Manufacturing System
Intelligent manufacturing is the trend of the times. As a traditional enterprise, Zhongzheng Boiler has obtained dozens of automated manufacturing equipments with national patents through independent research and development and joint development. It has been jointly developed by software companies and tailored to their own digital and information management. System, innovation has established a full-process digital management system from contract management, raw material procurement, warehouse storage, digital workshop to sales terminal.
ZOZEN Boiler green manufacturing
In the Zhongzheng boiler blanking workshop, all steel plates, steel pipes and other components are given unique electronic codes, which always run through the entire production, equipment and service links. This informatized logistics model not only shortens the distance between production and logistics supply, but also lays a good foundation for the future expansion of production lines and the application of new technologies, thereby improving the production efficiency and economic benefits of the entire upstream and downstream.
The manufacture of a boiler requires many important links such as cutting, forming, welding, flaw detection and hydraulic testing. The digital management of Zhongzheng runs through the whole process. In the steam drum production workshop, the high-speed CNC drilling machine is running efficiently according to the instructions of the control system. Thousands of holes can be accurately completed in less than 20 hours. This kind of workload requires at least one week for labor; advanced automatic welding equipment The automatic welding of the longitudinal and circumferential seams is completed under the tracking of the photoelectric system, which not only improves the efficiency but also ensures the welding quality. The welder can complete the operation before the screen, and is far away from the pollution of the smoke and the damage of the strong light to the eyes, realizing the green. produce.

The intelligent manufacturing system of Zhongzheng boiler standardization, specialization and digitization can reasonably dispatch enterprise people, finances and materials, realize the seamless connection between departments and departments, enterprises and markets, fully dispatch enterprise resources, and greatly shorten the boiler production cycle.